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At Dank Tank our mission is to provide safe, affordable access to top-quality cannabis extracts.

WEEDSAP is our Labor of Love, and we devote thousands of hours in the cannabis laboratory into making vape cartridges for our patients. Our Research and Development team is proud to deliver exceptional quality vape cartridges and extract products.

We offer a craft approach to consuming cannabis. Dank Tank collaborates with growers throughout the Emerald Triangle to find some of the best flowers grown in the Nation.

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We use numerous refinement techniques to ensure a Solvent-Free product, that provides the feeling of smoking top-shelf flowers, without the tar, smoke, ash, and smell caused by burning lumber.

Committed to the safety of our patients, Dank Tank products are comprised of strain-specific Live Resin, combined with Delta 8-and-Delta 9 THC Distillates. Dank Tank’s WEEDSAP does not contain added-nor-infused terpenes & is tested extensively by third-party laboratories.

DANK TANK products are must-have for all cannabis patients, and for those looking to medicate on-the-go and in public places. Try it Today, and stay in touch with us at WEEDSAP.COM