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Salute our Budtender of the Month!

May/June 2017

Naomi Hauser

Northwest San Diego

LOCATED in Northwest San Diego [insert Kanye West/Kim Kardashian joke here], in the MiraMar section of town, you will discover one of the most precious collectives in all-of-the world, ManKind Cooperative.

Mankind Cooperative is also home to our May/June 2017, BudTender of the Month, Ms. Naomi Hauser. Naomi joined Mankind at the very beginning of 2017, after being recruited because of her excellent patient-service skills. The staff at Mankind had heard great things about her, and referred her for the open budtending position.

For all your hard work and compassionate service, we salute you Naomi! Congratulations on becoming the 2017 May/June Dank Tank BudTender of the Month!

Naomi welcomed Dank Tank into her life, when she came into contact with Dank Tank Officer, Commander Corey. Naomi says “Once I tell my patients about Dank Tank, they will usually try it. They like that it’s a real hitting cartridge, and they love the deal that they get for such great quality.”

You can follow Naomi on Instagram at @c0smicdreamer San Diego Patients? Visit Mankind Cooperative at 7128 Miramar Road, San Diego, CA 92121.

Winners will be selected on a monthly basis and will receive a Dank Tank gift box, other merchandise, and the opportunity to have your collective featured in Dank Tank's marketing campaign.

All information is strictly confidential and will NOT be released without your permission.

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